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Changing YOUR Recycling Behaviour

The Technology, Research and Transformation Team are currently working with a University of Greenwich gaming student on his final year project which he wishes to share with you in the following post:

'Hi, my name is Kel Ezekwe and I am a final year student studying Games and Multimedia Technologies at Greenwich University. For my final year project I am looking to design and build a game that promotes recycling and informs the player of the benefits it brings to both the environment and the earth’s resources. Kent County Council are interested in my project and will liaise with me throughout to see if they themselves might be able to use it at the end of its development.

Presently games that promote the use of recycling are very basic, using 2D graphics and are mostly aimed at kids, this product will attempt to be a bit more complex in terms of using 3D graphics to hopefully give the game a wider appeal to adults yet still being attractive to children. This game I will develop will be an easy game to play as it will be aimed for everyone, with no specific target group directed for it.

Even though the game will be basic it will not be played through a story book format as it would give off the impression of it being more a kid’s game instead of a game aimed at both adults and kids.

The Source game engine (from Half Life 2) will be used for this game as it is an engine I know quite well, plus it is very good when it comes to dealing with character interaction which I am hoping feature in this game at some point.

Finally my project should be finished sometime in February latest to allow testing and final additions to the game.'

- A special thank you to Kel Ezekwe for the blog post.

Picture: A black recycling box for bottles and cans on a lawn surrounded by crushed multicoloured cans, with thanks to Kingdesmond1337 for publishing on Flickr under a Creative Commons license some rights reserved.

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