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Who said all pop-ups need to be blocked?

It is said that bite sized chunks of information make learning easier. This was the thinking behind DailyLits books which are delivered in bite sized portions and Popling, a new online educational tool.

By subscribing to Poplings your desktop will display popup flash cards on your computer throughout the day according to the frequency you choose.

This is a photo of a real popup - many thanks to
This is a type of ‘snack culture’ which caters to consumers who seek gratification in smaller, easier to handle bites.

This trend is now being applied to education through new technological means. This could present a new area for training staff in small bite sized chunks. Users are able to create their own pop-ups on the site and very specific topics can be created.
Please see here for more details (image by Popling) and to create your own!!

If you want to find out more about what we're thinking about and looking at around virtual training, see here. Contact us if you have an idea!

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