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Random acts of kindness

A new online game has been developed that aims to promote social change. Akoha challenges players to carry out missions that involve performing small acts of kindness for others, for example, donate an hour of your time or giving someone a book. Each time a player performs a mission, he hands his card to the beneficiary.

The beneficiary can then log on with the card ID and write his/her experience of the act of kindness with the option of adding photos and videos. The original player earns points and enters his/her own description and advances in the game. The great feature of this is that you can track your acts of kindness around the globe.

Soon players will be able to suggest their own mission cards and custom design their own decks. This is another example of online/offline becoming blurred and is a clear trend for the future along with more ethical ways of living and supporting the community.

There are endless possibilities if KCC could make their own cards and support players around Kent. Missions could be specific to the Kent area, having a real positive effect on the county. Collaboration with volunteer organisations, colleges, schools, events organisers, local cafes (the list goes on) could help some really exciting and beneficial activities to take place. KCC could offer prizes to the best players as a way of incentive as well as gaining higher status in the game.

A spin off game could involve activities designed to help eco-friendly lifestyles e.g. a card could say buy a re-useable bag for someone or donate something to a local charity shop.

Go here to play and buy your cards!

(picture of an Akoha card on Akoha)
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