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What do we mean?

Artificial intelligence consists of virtual processes that perform a task that is normally performed by human intelligence.

Why are we researching this?

We need to how to make better sense of the different types of customer
intelligence we use (from hard data to soft feedback) and automating routine
processes, especially for specific groups in this area, like older people .

How are we going to research this?

We want to use techniques where we can test the most effective use of AI for
the Council. We will engage groups who may be working in this area such as
the Interreg IVA “customer profiling” project, Access Kent Search Engine, East
Kent Virtual Call Centre, Gateways Benefits Portal, Tell Us Once pilot and
Kent Medway 101.

What are we going to research?

We will research what types of intelligence the Council or citizens have that we
need to automate – relational , visual , spatial or logical . We will also
break down our research into the individual technologies that AI consists of:
natural language processing, machine learning, bayesian statistics, ambient
intelligence, neural networks, data mining & probability algorithms.

What does the analysis show us?

In certain processes, AI is widely used, from search engines organising data to
policing transactions for fraud, or even landing planes. There are risks in using
AI in critical support services, if the self-monitoring systems fail. There is also a
lack of compatible alternatives to AI tools if things go wrong.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to use advanced technologies and techniques within AI to inform the
decisions the Council needs to make based on the information we have. We
also want to link any research in this area to work we are doing around mobile,
knowledge and sensor technologies.

How can you be involved?

If you are researchers/consultants , we would like to explore how we could
simulate processes to inform decisions on pilot information area.

If you are innovators developing this, we would like to explore how we could
test your processes on a specific information area.

If you are organisations in sectors who have used these tools, we would like to
share the learning and explore opportunities for collaboration.


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