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Sick of all the 2009 reviews and 2010 technology predictions?

I'm certainly fed up of reading so many reviews and predictions so I have compiled a comprehensive list of them for you all so you only have to look in one place!

Review of 2009

- Apps on Mobile Phones

This was a big trend in 2009 with Apple’s App store going stratospheric.

- Windows 7

Much, much better!

- All hail the rise of Twitter!

The patron saint of Twitter, Stephen Fry has been a member since 2008 but it wasn’t until during 2009 that it really took off. Celebrities, businesses and members of the public are now twittering away alike and we wonder how we ever communicated and shared our thoughts without it.

You can follow me @kursteekins.

- Spotify

The depth of the catalogue, the availability of the mobile application and the simplicity of the interface have introduced the idea of having a music collection in the cloud.

- Video on Demand

Another trend that has exploded this year, with every major British broadcaster (Channel 4, ITV, etc) jumping on the band wagon. Thank goodness otherwise I would have missed the New Year’s Day episode of Doctor Who as I was otherwise engaged (napping). On a side note, Tennant will be sorely missed.

- Vodafone's Access Gateway

I hadn’t heard about this one before but it truly is a genuine innovation – a small box which uses a broadband connection to boost mobile phone coverage. Ideal if your office or home is in a black spot, it's the first of its kind.

A few others to mention – Sat Nav came to the mobile phone, netbook sales increase, real-time search revolution, Amazon’s book reader & Android.

Predictions for 2010

- Tablet computer

The Guardian states ‘If the rumoured Apple tablet computer does make an appearance next year, as is widely expected, there’s a good chance that it will transform the market in the same way that the iPhone has done.’ However, I have just read on Twitter that Microsoft have just beaten Apple to the punch, for more information see here: http://timesonline.typepad.com/technology/2010/01/microsofts-tablet-beats-apple-to-the-punch.html Still, whoever gets there first, this will be a big hit in 2010.

- 3D TV

Sky and Panasonic have both confirmed that they will release 3D TVs, and Sky has announced that it is launching a dedicated 3D channel. The satellite broadcaster will even be filming the World Cup in 3D, although those games won't be broadcast live. However, viewers may need a new television to enjoy 3D pictures and manufacturers have not yet confirmed how much these sets will cost.
- Connecting Offline and Online World

No one has really put it in these terms, but it’s the idea that technology will caused a mjor overlap between our offline and online world. Gaming will come more realistic, our iPhones will be able to recognise a building and bring up an instant wiki about it, guide us on digital and physical treasure hunts, remember the names of people we meet so we don’t have to and potentially communicate with cash registers in stores relieving us of having to pull our credit or debit card out.

- Work Boundaries Blur

I found this interesting, especially as the team have been researching into the potential of virtual presenters within the work place. One article states offshoring, remote working and virtual teams will become more widespread, personally I think this may be a bit ambitious for one year however they do state that in 2008 41 million corporate employees globally spent at least one day a week teleworking, and 100 million worked from home at least one day a month, so who knows?

- Cloud Computing

Finding it hard to work at home without access to the shared drive at work? I know I am! Well maybe 2010 is the year to change that with cloud computing. Never heard of it? Neither had I until I was researching for this article. Cloud Computing is where you can upload all your info to a "cloud" which makes it easy to access it from anywhere. Sounds good to me.


So simple yet so true, wifi could even be attached to vehicles!

- Ereaders

They have already appeared on the market but apparently there is going to be an explosion of them in 2010. It would be great to carry around 500 books with you at all times but personally, I can’t beat the smell and feel of the real thing.

Let me know what you think of the predictions and review of 2009, are there any you would add to my list?

- Kirsty Russell

- First picture, a Windows 7 Home Premium Software Package placed on a table, with thanks to chris_fritz.
- Second picture, the spotify logo on a green background with a blackberry next to it, with thanks to dekuwa.
- Third picture, a 3d tv mounted on a wall with a person facing it wearing 3d glasses in the foreground with thanks to numerama.
- Fourth picture, an illustration of three computers with a cloud above them with various words in it such as Youtube and Google Docs, with thanks to librarian_by_day.
All pictures have been uploaded to Flick under a Creative Comms licence with some rights reserved.

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  1. Tom Phillips said...

    Nah, SatNav hit mobile phones in 2007. I've had Co-Pilot on two successive Windows Mobile phones since then. Google Maps on mobiles is more of an innovation as it's far more versatile, and linked in to other stuff, IMO. I make good use of both.

    Yes, what's holding back free, universal wi-fi connectivity, apart from the fortune the 'phone companies are making from selling broadband dongles? Or is that the answer to the question?

    There's a lot of tosh being spoken about e-readers. What exactly is so precious about the touch, feel or smell of books? But then I guess there are people not using e-mail because they prefer the sound of the human voice. Seems to be a lot of copyright issues getting in the way - compare the amount of old, out of copyright stuff available for e-readers with the difficulty of getting hold of an e-readable version of the next book you want to buy. My own wish-list is for Adobe to make the Adobe Writer into freeware, and for there to be an e-Reader on to which documents prepared via that route can be loaded. We ought then to be able to see a huge reduction in the use of paper. I'm finding that I am making increasing use of my Windows Mobile 'phone to read stuff, but it's not doing my eyesight any favours.

    Isn't 3D TV just a current gimmick? I can recall at least two other occasions in my none too long lifetime whan it was to be "the next big thing". It will need an awful lot of early adopters to bring the price down to the level that makes it a "must have".

    But just a thought, taken from something I heard and saw on TV yesterday. When Vodaphone launched 25 years ago, their view was that the world wide market for mobile phones was probably not more than 1 million handsets. There's now more than 4.5 billion of them. I wonder what, amongst the current emerging technologies, we are going to get that wrong!

  2. Innovation Unit said...

    Hi Tom,

    Great to have your feedback on my review.

    I totally agree, I really don't see why we have all these great, new fangled innovative technologies appearing but we have yet to master universal wifi. Hopefully it is one that can be mastered this year.

    All this looking at screens is not doing my eyesight any favours either, and I'm only 21! I am absolutely useless at charging my phone and ipod let alone an e-reader so I think I'll stick with books, much less hassel.

    I love how 3d films have really taken off in the cinema, but I'm not 100% sure about 3d television, especially as specialist tv sets are needed to view it. You never know, the function might be incorporated into all tv sets in the next 10 years. Who knows where the future will take us? It will be interesting to look back at these reviews then!

    Kirsty Russell

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