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Top 5 Delicious Links – Gaming

As you may know from a previous post which can be found here, the team are currently aiding a University of Greenwich student with his dissertation project which aims to change an individual’s recycling behaviour through gaming. As the blog has been quite quiet on the gaming front lately, I thought I’d pick up our ‘Top 5 Delicious Links’ and share my favourite gaming articles and websites. So here they are in no particular order…

1) Racing, shooting and zapping your way to better visual skills

Having a vested interest in how online gaming can affect a person’s offline behaviour (both due to the University of Greenwich project and my Social Sciences background), I found this article interesting as it explains how psychological studies have found that gamers have quicker reactions in real life situations as well as during game-playing.

2) No more waiting for the home time bell to start a child’s gaming session

This may be some parent’s worse nightmare, gaming during school. The article explains how one school is letting pupils use mobile phones, mp3 players and gaming devices during lesson time and their rationale behind it.

3) Successful treatments for illness and gaming

The author is very much like me, no gamer at all but can see the potential advantages of it if used in the right way. He makes the bold statement that a new online game called ‘Foldit’ could create new successful treatments for Alzheimer’s, go have a read and see what you think.

4) Nintendo Game takes kids on a treasure hunt outside

Traditionally it has always been assumed that to play a game a person just has to sit in front of a computer or television screen and stay there. However, lately this is not the case, as the article demonstrates a clear and very recent overlap between the online and offline worlds. More about this overlap is also put very nicely in this ‘trend alert’ article….http://www.shapingtomorrow.com/trendAlert.cfm?id=1214

5) Lets Not Forget the Traditional Gaming

In terms of traditional gaming, I thought I’d give a mention to the Social By Social Game, especially as we are considering using it in a future meeting. Social Reporter, David Wilcox has a fabulous post on the game which can be found here, but to give you an overview, teams of individuals (be them social entrepreneurs, innovators, students…) are brought together to firstly discuss the ‘pressing issues’ of a particular town or place. Once several ‘key’ issues have been identified, the teams are set to work solving these problems and are given two sets of cards, one about social technologies and the other about way of engaging people, all of which can be found here. The teams have to choose cards which come to a total of no more than 10 points, then using a set of money and resources, balance the overall budget of the project.

So why not have a go yourself? If you are interested in the game there is a whole community dedicated to discussing and developing the Social By Social concepts and ideas here http://socialbysocial.net/.

You can also read my previous ‘Top 5 Delicious Links’ on Knowledge Management article here.

- Kirsty Russell

Picture: Grey Nintendo DS catridges for games such as Super Mario Brothers, Phoenix Right and Gunpey DS dispersed over a table, with thanks to Rafael_Fyen for publishing on Flickr under a Creative Commons license some rights reserved.

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