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Raising the Funds

Have you ever had to raise sponsorship for a charity run and thought to yourself ‘there must be a more interesting and fun way to do this than knocking on neighbours doors and begging work colleagues to write their name and how much they are willing to give?’

Well, I may have found a way.

Whilst researching for the blog I came across The London Project. The group had just won an award and really wanted to pick it up, however to do so they would have to fly from Atlanta to London which would cost in the region of $10,000! So, they came up with an innovative way of raising the funds. They offered individuals the chance to buy an item for them to place in their suitcase to London, whether it be a rubber chicken, a chimp, a toilet seat or a feather boa.In return they would place the purchasers logo on an item and take a picture of it in front of a London landmark. Not only did they manage to hit their goal and go to London, they had a lot of fun in doing it:

‘We're here in London! Walking around everywhere and taking in the sights.
Yesterday we saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. There were a lot of bagpipes and funny hats.
Also, they brought out this huge dog that looked very majestic, yet alien-like at the same time.
From the B-Pal we went to Big Ben. Which we decided is more like Medium Ben. We got some great photos of it and Parliament later as the sun set. Around that time we went onto the London Eye. 450 feet above London! It was incredible. From there we got some great shots of The Brandy Agency's rubber chicken. And we had a very memorable tea party in honor of HEDDY.
Looking forward to visiting agencies today. We'll keep you posted.
Thanks again to everyone for helping us get here. We could not have done it without you.’

A similar initiative was featured on Springwise not very long ago called ‘Needs for Sale’. There were many charities that artists Christine and Justin wanted to support, but couldn’t raise the funds to do so all by themselves. So, they decided to paint items that the specific charities may need, such as ‘Phone calls to our troops’ for the Red Cross and ‘A Nice Home’ for Habitat for Humanity, set a price and enabled people to donate the money to that particular charity. They’ve also set up a similar websites called Wants for Sale. These are paintings that they themselves as a couple would like to buy, for example a painting of ‘A Little Shopping Spree in SoHo’ is currently on sale for $2,500 and a picture of a cooker on fire has just been sold for $220 to pay for the couple to take cooking lessons.

Want: 'To Get Into The Museum of Modern Art'

Want: 'Gambling Money for Vegas'

So next time you want to raise some money, why not encourage people to donate by getting creative and giving them something in return for their money? You never know, it might be more fulfilling then pestering family and friends or taking a loan out for that trip to Las Vegas !

To read more about the London Project please visit here: http://www.thelondonproject.com/index.html
Needs for Sale: http://www.needsforsale.com/
Wants for Sale: http://www.wantsforsale.com/

- Kirsty Russell

Top picture: A painting of a 'Pop Art'/Andy Warhol style painting and on the right a photograph of Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn Monroe painting which is hanging in the Museum of Modern Art.
Picture Below: A painting of red and black gambling chips with a photograph of US dollars next to it. Thanks to justin_and_christine for publishing on Flickr under a Creative Commons license some rights reserved.

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