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Videos, magical things and cupcakes - what type of event is this?

On Saturday 20th March, we’re going to be bringing people together for a day to develop ideas and prototypes that tackle local challenges that you think are important. Sign up here if you haven't already!

A few people have asked us whether this event is going to be like a conference, a consultation or even a crowdsourcing crowdpleaser. Well we can guarantee it won’t be either of the first two and we would need all the cupcake creativity of twuttle to be able to pull off the latter. Today is their first birthday, so this post is dedicated to them.

Anyway, there are different ways of organising events that blend socials and innovation - short meetups, all day events and even weekend camps.

Groups are organising meetups right across the county, with @canterburygeeks and @meejahub to name but a few, with some like @twuddle evening having its own special branch @twampon. We were particularly inspired after meeting #tuttle 101, themselves inspired by Lloyd DavisTuttle Club.

Public servants too are self organising to get their heads around how to be more open and collaborative using the web. People like Dave Briggs have been helping them do that in really creative ways, with events like LocalGovCamp and UKGovWeb and in the third sector, NFP Tweetup and Netsquared have been leading the way.

Others like Steve Moore and Amanda Gore are getting together people from other sectors to get ideas around how technology can tackle critical social challenges, from 2gether08, Reboot Britain to 2morro.

And then there are challenge type events like SICamp and Netsquared Challenge, who work over a whole weekend or more to get people to come up with ideas and turn them into prototypes. It was my own experience taking part in this and meeting the winners of a recent SICamp that really convinced us to try mixing up the sociability of meetups with the impact of innovation camps.

Tomorrow, we’ll tell you a bit more about what we mean by challenges, but in the meantime let us know if you have any questions, or if there are any similar meetups, unconferences, barcamps going on that we should know about – we’d love for you to come down to Transformed by You.

Videos, magical things and cupcakes - what type of event is this?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


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