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Using Mosaic to Personalise Campaigns

Kent County Council’s Countryside Access Service is using Mosaic, a customer profiling software, to promote healthier lifestyles. The NHS is funding the initiative to get people living in deprived areas of East Kent exercising, by using natural features on their doorstep. By encouraging a healthier lifestyle the NHS will save money by prevention rather than cure.

Mosaic was initially used to better understand the 3000 subscribers to Explore Kent. Now it is being used to target new customers. Detailed information from Mosaic, for example receptiveness to different types of media, will be used to personally target groups in the most relevant way. Mosaic shows that people living in deprived areas may respond better to flyers and leaflets rather than magazines.

The success of initiatives may be greatly influenced by using this kind of technique in the future. There is huge potential for Mosaic to increase efficiency and benefits in other areas by personalising KCC’s approach.

-C Matthews
- With thanks to Rebecca Hoffman, Senior Projects Officer, Countryside Access Service.
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