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Want to be a Creative, Innovative Manager?

Do you want to be a creative, innovative manager who makes positive change, through inspirational leadership?

Of course you do.

Kent County Council's Learning and Development (L&D) team are designing som
ething to help you achive this. It's called the Accredited Manager Programme and it can help you gain the knowledge, skills and attitude that every great KCC manager should possess.

This will be an exciting programme for those wanting a stepping stone to excellence. You will find that your competence and confidence will soar whilst your outputs become of a consistenly high quality. Not only will you notice the benefits, but as an Accredited Manager recognised by Edexcell, others will recognise your achivements too.

The programme is currently being polished ready for launch, so while it's under development keep updated with L&D's extramails or contact James Pope (james.pope@kent.gov.uk) for more information.

The Background

The idea behind the KCC Accredited Manager Programme was started by the question :
“How do we know that our managers are consistently excellent?”.
The answer to that question was answered “by living the core values of KCC - Putting Kent First”.

A team of Directorate representatives lead by the Corporate Learning & Development Team, are using the organisation’s 9 core values as the foundation to shape and develop the programme with input from Edexcel and Managers across the organisation.

Watch this space for further developments....

- James Pope, Learning and Development

(image: A manager at their desk, with thanks to Minifig from Flickr for photo published under Creative Commons some rights reserved)
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