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Look What We Found Online.. Top 5 Websites.

We now use Delicious, on online book-marking tool, to share useful websites. The trouble is most people keep their bookmarks private and so often really great websites won’t be shared. Some of my colleagues have great online resources that I can now view through our Delicious Team account.

Bookmarks are tagged so that they can be easily searched for relevance. For example, if I find a website with open ware courses it could be tagged under 'learning' and found by The Learning and Development Team (L&D). Delicious lets you make up your own categories to group tags in, so in theory a department name like L&D could become a category with relevant tags like ‘learning’ and ‘training’ grouped under it.

Our top 5 bookmarks for July:


Tags: skills sharing, knowledge management

Horsemouth is an online mentoring service for just about any issue. We all have valuable life experiences and knowledge which Horsemouth helps us share in a safe and convenient way. The Horsemouth website describes itself as:

“The social network for informal mentoring, where everyone can give and gain. You can search for a mentor, be a mentor, or simply browse the inspirational profiles and stories on the site. It's safe and it's free.”
Mentors specialise in anything from:
Starting a business, Bullying, Love/Life, Divorce, Anger Management, Confidence, M.E, Abuse, Duke of Edinburgh, Bereavement, Debt, Self-Harm, fashion, OCD, to Poetry.
The above is just a selection from Kent based mentors. There are currently over 6200 mentors on Horsemouth with a large selection of young mentors. It only takes seconds to sign up so it’s well worth taking the time to share or learn something new!

The Point

Tags: web 2.0, campaigns, community collaboration

The Point is an excellent resource for organising events, petitioning and raising money. It acts as a tool for bringing individuals together to achieve things that they can’t do alone.

The Point website says:

‘The Point offers a new approach to leveraging the influence of groups and making things happen’... by using the collective power of individuals.
Although the website mostly features American campaigns, it’s a fantastic concept that could be applied to Kent. Pledge Bank is a similar website but for the U.K. It would be great to see some Kent action on there! The added bonus of Pledge Bank is that users can pledge action not necessarily cash, i.e. ‘ill do it but only if you help’. Successful campaigns include ‘donate books : build a libray India for the Bakul Foundation’ which finished with over 1000 people signed.

Net mums

Tags: skills sharing, hyperlocal

Net Mums is a rapidly growing support website for parents. This site not only features a section for Kent, but divides this into East and West Kent. Local mums can get support on anything from where to find playgroups to advice on meeting other mothers.

The Heart of the City: Rubbish

Tags: personalisation, campaigns

This site illustrates an innovative litter campaign using bus shelters. Everyday the rubbish dropped around a bus shelter was placed inside its bill board. The advertisement acted as a personal shaming for the users of the shelter. Research shows that the public normally respond better to campaigns which are personal or where good actions are highlighted to shame others into acting. Perhaps the next step would be to include a tagline which asks users to compare their levels of litter with the next nearest bus shelter?

Nearby Tweets:

Tags: Hyperlocal, web 2.0

It’s important to know what people are saying about you, especially local people. Nearby Tweets lets you enter keywords to bring up all mention of them within a certain area. This will help business and service providers follow up on feedback and better understand the local market. Other uses could include researching the level of concerns over particular issues, for example Swine Flu.

Found an innovative website? Then drop us a comment below.

-C Matthews

( Top image: pledge form from Pledge Bank, bottom image: photo of bus shelter's bill board with collected litter. With thanks to the corresponding websites for the screenshots.)
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