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Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Last year BBC My Story, invited adults to write a true personal story and enter it into a UK-wide competition with the chance of having it featured on a BBC television programme in 2010 and even published as a book.

Over 7500 people entered the writing competition and 30% were adult learners who had level 2 literacy qualifications or lower.

The winners of the competition will be announced later in the year.

Kent had a good number of entries thanks to their Libraries and Skills Plus Centres who held sessions in November.

The tutor’s worksheets and lesson plans are still available to download for free on the BBC My Story website – you can find them all here

- Written by Eleanor Gloster, BBC Learning Project Manager for Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Picture: A graffiti stencil saying 'Insert Your Life Story Here'. The writing is in black on a yellow background, with thanks to Auntie P for publishing on Flickr under Creative Comms Licence, some rights reserved.
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