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Call for facilitators!

Transformed by You on Campus

What do we mean?

We are bringing student innovators together for a day to develop prototypes of online tools that tackle local challenges. See the presentation below for more details on the approach.

Who do we want to involve?

We are inviting students from the Digital Arts and Engineering Course. Facilitators will be invited who can help out during the day to create the glue with participants, while critical friends will provide advice on how the ideas could work in a public service environment.

We want people who can create the glue with participants as well as facilitate the activities within the group and make sure activities are completed on time.

As well as facilitators, we will also invite “critical friends” to drop in and out of groups and provide advice on how the ideas could work in real life. We will also invite people who can provide general support on the day.

What does the analysis show us?

The success of this day will be based as much on the quality of relationships that are formed, as it is on the event itself. To incentivise people to achieve something, we want to let them experience and test out different ways they can get involved. The organisers will seed facilitators to lead discussions that captivate people.

There are different ways of organising “innovation camps” - from informal meetups like at Teacamps, all day events like at 2gether08 to weekends like at SI Camp. Whatever type of activity is chosen, there needs to be a balance between centrally coordinated and self-organising activities.

Bottom-up activities are very popular but they’re also very new to people, so we want facilitators to make it as comfortable as possible for people to self-organise, or if it senses people are finding difficult to do that, then playing a more “supporting” role by suggesting ways forward.

How would the day run if you were facilitating?

9am - Guest presentations

Organisers will introduce the agenda and approach of the day and the challenges set. They will also introduce you as facilitators.

10 - Group 1: Brainstorming ideas in response to client’s brief

Students work in teams of four to come up with ideas
Facilitators support the session
University working with teams

11:30 Coffee break – teams discuss initial ideas with mentors

12:00 Brainstorming session resumes

1pm - Lunch

Group 1 teams briefing Group 2 about their ideas

2pm - Group 2: Prototyping solutions to ideas

Facilitators support the session
University working with teams

3pm - Coffee break – teams discuss initial prototypes with mentors

4pm - Presentations of developed prototypes to the client

5pm - Close

What would you require from you prior to the day?

We are looking for a short submission response detailing how you will provide the above requirements and any other inclusions as you feel are appropriate.

The submission must include:-

1. Your background including any previous work in this area

2. Costing including VAT

3. Any ideas and feedback you have on the approach to facilitation and organisation of the day

4. Your name and contact details

All responses to be returned by 12th February 2010 at 5pm to innovation@kent.gov.uk.

The submissions will be evaluated based on previous experience, understanding of the requirements, cost and the best value offered to Kent County Council.

The successful applicant will be contacted by 19th February 2010. It is anticipated that an initial detailed meeting with the organisers of the event will take place within the following 5 days.

For any further details please contact Noel Hatch on 07515992174 or noel.hatch2@kent.gov.uk.

Are there any rules and boundaries?

Rules and boundaries are useful to ensure that you as a facilitator and the participants know where you stand. These are rules we expect facilitators to apply:

Respect others, no idea is a bad one! Listen. Feedback. Ensure everyone can take part and speak. Be trustworthy and build trust. Maintain any confidentiality if a participant requests so. Balance your speaking time to enable participants to take part. Prompt return from breaks.

What challenges shall we set the participants?

We will set the participants a variety of challenges. Although each group can only pick one, it gives people a wide selection they would want to brainstorm ideas based on these. Examples of challenges could include developing prototypes or mockups of ideas on how to “find out what’s going on in the local area”, “report problems, “help people help each other”.

What will the venue provide?

The venue hosts a room where the people can meet and network and breakout spaces where people can get into groups and develop their ideas. These all have wifi internet connection. There will also be post its, pens and flipcharts provided as well as refreshments.

What next?

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