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"We have lots of opportunities to come together and people are excited to share and collaborate, but nothing ever “happens.” 

A provocative remark by Amy Sample Ward on the many events taking place across the innovation sector. This prompted me to try and benchmark a series of events we've been hosting called Transformed by You with a website documenting the methods that this sector is using - Social Innovator
Our model does use platforms for engaging citizens, idea generation and deliberation and it helps facilitate participation. Is it trying to do much at once? Or should it focus on a particular pinchpoint in the innovation process that public services really struggle at? And how much can we expect in a day from people's passion and energy?

Why are we researching this?

To put this into practice, our brief for Transformed by You  was “to inform Kent County Council (and the participating partners) on which innovative concepts are worth fast tracking and showcase the collective expertise of local innovators to stimulate greater engagement between our organisations and the wider community”.

So how do fast track these innovative concepts, how do we showcase the collective expertise and how do we stimulate greater engagement?

Firstly, it seems we need to take into account what Amy Sample Ward calls "project spaces" - the open and accelerated approach to project development we have introduced for Transformed by You if we are going to fast track and showcase this new way of prototyping to our colleagues internally.

To me, there seems to be three areas that are critical to sustain momentum and build legitimacy for this model; how we select the best way of taking forward the prototypes, how we develop or support spaces to take them forward and how we encourage the use of prototypes. Is there anything out there that helps tackle any of these areas and how have they worked?

Presentation describes the aims and approaches of the event, while the picture shows the innovation process and was first published at www.socialinnovator.info

What next?

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