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Media will help Kent during Climate Change

Newspaper and media reports of extreme weather conditions will help Kent residents avoid risks such as flooding and heat wave health problems. Kent County Council has been one of the few authorities to create a climate change profile for each of its districts. The data from this will be matched against relevant media reports to help Kent predict extreme weather events. This will be useful for services such as Highways, Planning and even Adult Social Care, where heat waves can be deadly to the vulnerable. Kent spent an estimated £400 million last year in response to extreme weather and of this Kent County Council spent £25 million. It is hoped that by managing our knowledge of previous events Kent can better plan for the future and avoid such vast losses.

To see the UK climate predictions for up to 2080 please visit DirectGov.

Please see our related articles on Knowledge Management. How does your team learn from past events? Please comment below.

-Claire Matthews
-With special thanks to Carolyn McKenzie, Greener Kent Manager for Environment and Waste

(image: bus driving through a flooded road in Kent with thanks to
kenjonbro from Flickr for photo published under Creative Commons some rights reserved)
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