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Top 5 Delicious Links - Knowledge Management & Sharing

This is the beginning of a long and fruitful (hopefully!) series on the Team's top 5 Delicious Links on the topics we are researching into.

To start the ball rolling, here are our top 5 links on Knowledge Management and Sharing:

1) If you do one thing this week…Share your knowledge

Part of a series called ‘If you do one thing this week…’ on The Guardian's website, gives a great overview of why more organisations should encourage employees to share knowledge between themselves and the barriers that need to be overcome. Learn More.

2) Mining the Web for Feelings, Not Facts

Very interesting article on how the rise of blogs, social media sites such as Twitter and reviews has led to a ‘collective consciousness’ of internet users and has given rise to a new field, ‘sentiment analysis’.

Example: a quick search on Tweetfeel, for example, reveals that 77 percent of recent tweeters liked the movie “Julie & Julia.” Learn More.

3) The sum of knowledge -- online and accessible, no less

Exciting technological project – software has been created which can join and make millions of documents from hundreds of companies accessible - it has the potential to make the whole of mankind’s knowledge reachable! Learn More.

4) MyConnections: The jazzed up online phonebook

A case study on how Oxfordshire County Council replaced their old centrally-managed online phonebook with a self-service staff directory – like a business Facebook – together with 'Communities of Practice' (CoP) and blog software for all staff. Truly inspirational, it shows how a problem can be dealt with and solved imaginatively incorporating social media tools. Learn More.

5) OurBournemouth

Up and coming project, OurBournemouth will allow people who are living in the area to put forward suggestions on issues important to them, which will not only bring it to the attention of those in their community but also their councillors who represent them. Learn More.

Picture: A cloud of what 'knowledge sharing' is, with thanks to Choconancy1 for publishing on Flickr under a Creative Commons license some rights reserved.

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