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The web has changed the way world is run. Here at Patient Opinion we couldn’t help but ask the question “why have Public Services been left behind?” We decided a national get-together for people who are trying to get the Public Sector up to speed was needed. The progress in some areas has been fantastic- why cant this good work expand into all corners of the public domain?

So (albeit a little nervously) we took the plunge and booked the Abbey Centre in London to hold our first national conference to get these people together. It turned out that our fears were unfounded- and today, under 2 weeks after myPublicServices on eventBrite was launched, we sold out- with some amazing people. From national newspapers, politicians, NHS managers and independent sights that just want to improve their local communities- the breadth is extraordinary and we couldn’t be more excited. It was the perfect example of the power of the web to allow groups of people to come together at a low cost.

But it’s not just the list of attendees that we are overwhelmed by- the support for the event has been extraordinary. We decided to make it free, but a gift economy – where those attending have to bring something to give, like some time, knowledge, a talk or some cake (we’re serious) and to our surprise everyone is pitching in with offers of everything from chocolate brownies (yes please) to expert consultancy on financing social enterprises. Extraordinary, and inspiring.

So now we’re sifting through the offers and thinking about how to shape everything in a way that will work on the day. And, given that the whole point of the conference is that things don’t always have to be top-down, we aim to let the attendees decide what they want to do- exciting, if slightly nerve-wracking!

Do keep up with our blog to see how it all unfolds! http://mypublicservices.wordpress.com/. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hestitate to e-mail Lauren Ivory here.

- A special thanks to Patient Opinion, and especially Lauren Ivory, for the blog post. The team are really looking forward to the event!

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