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Event Review: Innovate 09

The 2nd national Innovate event to be held at the Business Design Centre in Islington took place on 13th October.

As always it attracted a high calibre of speakers and exhibitors across a range of innovation themes. Everything ran smoothly except the strange devices that were given to everyone to help them track down colleagues, share business cards and store information. Unfortunately many of the delegates (me included) experienced problems with them and several appeared to be left on chairs and tables round the Centre.

The Creative Industries workshop proved very popular. It showcased several prototype innovations including a video archiving system, a wiki for radio, an interactive satnav system and some intuitive middleware for i-phones.

The panel debate on ‘growth opportunities in a Digital Britain’ was interesting and suggested that there were lots of opportunities and challenges out there for those that wanted to take the risk. I agreed with Stephen Dodson from DC10 Plus that a lot of the emerging applications were now outstripping the abilities of broadband to support them, especially when mobile. Something for further consideration in our increasingly ‘mobile centric ‘world ?

Lord Mandleson gave the pre lunch key note speech. In a suddenly packed auditorium he extolled the virtues of partnership working, the need for more innovative procurement processes and less silo mentality.

The afternoon session ended with a workshop on developing innovative ideas . Again this was very well attended by a range of people who offered some lively contributions.

Copies of the debates can still be currently found at www.innovate09.co.uk.

Thank you to Carol Patrick for the review of the event. Look out for our upcoming article on Mixcloud by Nikhil Shah who was a speaker at Innovate 09.

Picture: The Innovate 09 logo - 'Innovate 09' written in a turquoise color surrounded by a circle of 8 multicoloured dots.

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