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Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) is a non-party political organisation, focusing on the issues of young people. KYCC members work closely with officers and elected members of the KCC, informing them of young people's issues and concerns. Each year there are 10 formal sittings of KYCC that take place in County Hall. There are also optional work groups and other meetings including KYCC meetings that take place at a district level encouraging the members to campaign and work on issues that affect young people in their constituencies.

Kent members of the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) are elected for the KYCC by the members to take Kent issues to the national sitting.

The 2009 elections for KYCC will take place at 160 Polling Stations in the schools, youth centres and projects across Kent from 14-22 November.

This year sees the launch of the Communities of Interest seats where 12 young people will be elected to represent their communities in KYCC and bring a greater awareness of the issues that face young people in Kent.

The results will be announced on Saturday 28 November at a ceremony in Sessions House, County Hall.

Recent events:

National Youth Takeover Day - More than 500 organisations and 5000 children and young people joined the Children’s Commissioner for England to take part in the 11 MILLION Takeover Day in November. From chairing the Head Teacher conference to planning the County Council’s budget - children and young people took their place in the decision-making hot seat!

Positive Activities Select Committee Report - KYCC members recently joined the County Councillors in the chamber to discuss and advise on the provision of activities from young people around Kent.

Kent Cultural Summit - Invited to share and exchange views on the strengths and needs of culture in the County, as well as agree on the process of working with other agencies and have a consensus on high level issues.

Intergenerational Cohesion Seminar Meeting with 30 EU commissioners and members of the European parliament, KCC officers and researchers from the University of Kent. KYCC were invited to discuss the relationships between young and older people and how they can be developed.

- A special thank you to Marc Burrett for the blog post and the image. For more information please visit the KYCC homepage here.

Picture: KYCC cheering on the stairs in Sessions House, Maidstone.

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