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All consuming Google? Google is currently testing a new gadget that will take information from devices such as smart meters, which are advanced meters that identify consumption in more detail than a conventional meter, collect it and make it more easily available. Learn More

Clubbing for jobs? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is a phrase commonly heard when an individual is looking for a job. However, the networks that are needed for someone to get ‘a foot in the door’ of a particular job are not always accessible; here is one soluti
on: Job Clubs. Learn More.

The key to a kin
der, more intelligent mankind? The effects of violence in gaming pops up frequently within the media, case studies include Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who were allegedly obsessed with the video game ‘Doom’ and killed 12 students and a teacher. However, the question is, can gaming also influence pro-social behaviour or learning behaviour? Learn More. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Back to Blog Basics - Do the words ‘tags’ and widgets’ give you the shivers? Love a blog but are not sure how to ‘subscribe’? This post provides some useful advice on how to navigate your way around blogs…Learn More.

DC10plus – Rolling out Digital Inclusion Products - DC10plus is the national collaborative authority on Digital Inclusion issues and how they impact at a local level. DC10plus is now moving into its second phase of development which involves rolling out successfully developed products to new local authorities and their partners…Learn More.

Are you experienced? - PublicExperience is a great way to put your own experiences of public services and suggestions for how to improve them in front of the UK Innovators Council…Learn More. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Scratching that inquisitive itch…

Do they love bees?

Psychology is all around us, are there positive outcomes to gaming?

Who said all pop-ups need to be blocked?

The death of the book?

Don’t be another brick in the wall...

Can coffee and notes on paper tablecloths liven up meetings?

Can simulation lead to negotiation?

Future Thinking

Keep your eyes peeled for articles on 'Neuroscience and Innovation' (which areas of the brain relate to using innovation) and the first of (hopefully!) a sequence of 'Top 5 Delicious Links' on areas we are working on: gaming, knowledge management, virtual trainers, etc! We will also be writing an update on our award winning project 'Pic N Mix'.
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Are You Experienced?
Who said all pop-ups need to be blocked?
All consuming Google?

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