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Put entertainers on buses to connect older people on community activities

An idea developed at Transformed by You on Campus

What is the problem?

Why are groups defined as “hard to reach” by councils actually hard to reach? – is it that the groups are hard to reach or are the services limited?

Who is this for?

Hard to reach groups, older people and bus passengers.

How would the idea work?

The idea is that we talk to bus companies and public services and we put on existing bus routes some entertainers – poets, Kent Fire Service (how to check your fire alarm), gardeners who are interesting in setting up etc.

The benefits for public services are more custom, social responsibility, a lot from sponsorship, captive audiences – possibly those who are hard to reach as well as older people who will already have free bus passes.

Passengers have a more interesting journey and benefit from community information. At the end of route, the destination is related to what has been spoken about on the journey.

Passengers could vote on topics and possibly book slots on journey. For example, 6 minutes to talk about cookery.

It could be used for "weeding" trips - where pupils would visit the older local residents and help them out, in return for those people coming in to school to talk about their life experiences.

What is needed to make this idea successful?

Need champions like parish councils and community groups, as well as a trial run over a short journey to see if the idea could work in practice.

What can be done to make the idea successful?

Build on the day by carrying out further research to help define business cases for projects

Research demographic information that bus services may have about passengers on certain routes

Look at existing examples of where this may have worked, such as here.

Some of the issues coming up are committing staff to the volume of "trips" that would be required to bring a noticeable benefit and finding the people who could offer their time and pass a CRB check could be the answer.

Work with frontline services to involve people to see how their online service needs match those prototypes

Chris has contacted his local primary school to see if they would be interested in using the learning bus concept for “weeding trips”.

Who would be interested in helping take this forward? 

A special thank you to a picture of an idea from http://transformedbyyou.uservoice.com



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