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Best of the Links

The sun is finally shining, and I am really hoping it stretches out into the weekend.  For now though, here are my favourite links of the week, a mixture of events, qr codes, iphone apps and social media goodies, enjoy.

  • Last but not least the Go London Innovation Competition finals are today which has aimed to encouraged people to think about how they can get active and challenged Londoners to put forward their ideas on how they can get moving.  Follow @Go_London or use the hashtag #golondon to follow the progress of the event on Twitter!
- Kirsty Russell

Picture: A business card with a large barcode/qr-code on it with thanks to Chandra_Marsono for publishing on Flickr under a Creative Commons license some rights reserved.

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  1. Robert said...

    The QR codes to preserve graffiti link is great. I wonder how long the QR codes remain in place before being treated as graffiti themselves. Will they stay there longer as they look more official?
    Perhaps the council should be doing this to preserve a record of culture and changes to our landscape: Take a picture every time something is changed/repainted and stick a QR code to it to let the visitor review the history of a site.

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