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Connecting job seekers and employers to provide support for unemployed graduates 

An idea developed at Transformed by You on Campus

What is the problem?

Every year over 11,000 students graduate from universities in Kent, and many more return to the county after finishing degrees elsewhere in the UK. Currently, only 30% of local graduates go on to find employment in the county, which means a huge loss of talent for local businesses in Kent. It is vital that Kent retains more skilled graduates if our local economy is to grow over the future years. But how best do we encourage them to stay?

The problem seems to be two-fold:

It is not always easy for graduates to find information about local graduate jobs, particularly for those who have not studied locally.

It is not always easy for businesses to access information about local graduates and match graduate skills to their business needs.

Is there a way of using technology to match up local graduates with local businesses, and encourage more employers to recruit graduates?

How can digital technologies be used to increase graduate retention in Kent?

Who is this for?

Graduates looking for work and employers in need of graduates.

How would the idea work?

It would be a website that connects graduates seeking employment and potential employers in one place.


  • Use personalised profiles, databases and career events.
  • Providing support for unemployed graduates in Kent through networking as well as allowing individuals to advertise themselves with portfolios to possible employers.
  • The main themes are connecting everything in one place, personalised searches to what matches the individual’s skills, interests and degree.
  • Starting with a launch day with a speed dating theme allowing employees and graduates to understand each other’s needs.

What is needed to make this idea successful?

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    Nice idea

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