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An idea developed at Transformed by Yo
What is the problem?

How can people quickly get information on local services on the move

Who is this for?

People constantly on the go

How would the idea work?

Use QR codes whereby smartphones would take a picture of the QR code, translates it into a url and takes you to the webpage – it’s the ‘evolution of the barcode’.

Possible uses:
  • Exploring local areas of local interest and history: To replace boards (QR code could send you to google map of exactly where you are, more information that wouldn’t find onto a board, options for different languages, etc).
  • Planning applications: Lamppost outside house, take a picture and it takes you to the planning application online that you could then read at home.
  • Church/community information board, bus stops: Not sure where you are, QR code would include geographical information of where you are and just ask where you want to go.
  • Library books: Replace barcode with QR code which would then take you a website where you can find out when the book is due back, which library it is from, where you can buy the book online, etc.
  • Blind and visually impaired: More here
What is needed to make this idea successful?

Research market penetration data and raise awareness within potential services that may benefit.

What can be done to make the idea successful?

Build on the day by carrying out further research to help define business cases for projects

Chris Orton has researched market penetration data for QR Codes here and here for smart phones 

He has also suggested an alternative for mobile phones, called tiny_id.

See the diagram below and tell us what you think?

A special thank you to a picture of an idea from http://transformedbyyou.uservoice.com  and a picture from Chris Orton of the tiny_id diagram.
ON THE MOVE - QR CODES OR TINY ID?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


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