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Big Papers Producing Personal News

The world seems to get bigger and bigger while the yearning to reach out on a smaller scale increases. There is fresh desire for ultra local news: news which we can relate to and witness in our own neighbourhoods. The New York Times has launched The Local, which is a community of news and information websites devoted to residents of particular areas of New York and New Jersey.

The site will feature posts by both NYT journalists and community members about day-to day life in their neighbourhoods. The features will mobilise users to resolve local problems, they include blogs, Q&As, creative works, neighbourhood calendars and a virtual fridge for local children’s artwork. The Times is partnering with a local Graduate School of Journalism to allow students to contribute and teach residents about interacting online.

For an example see: http://maplewood.blogs.nytimes.com.

- Claire Matthews

Thank you jamesjyu for the photo of a man reading a newspaper published under Creative Commons, some rights reserved.
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