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24hr Thinking

What do we mean?

24 hour thinking involves bringing together people from different organisations/sectors to brainstorm ideas into practical solutions over a short period of time.

Why are we researching this?

The need to “strengthen innovation connectivity” has been highlighted the Kent Innovation Strategy consultation with proposals around inviting groups to mind-map ideas on respond to key issues, facilitated by entrepreneurs.

How are we going to research this?

We want to review new platforms and processes for the development and sharing of ‘green shoots’ activities to improve the re-use and adoption throughout KCC and enable the “innovative connectivity” mentioned above by reviewing and developing community concepts.

What are we going to research?

We will focus on the face to face and online development of “24 hour thinking” including how to re-organise teams around projects, in ways that match skills with priorities, allow staff to take time out to develop their own projects or broker the development of innovations across services.

What does the analysis show us?

24 hour thinking can enable communities to submit actions to a pledgebank either they commit to carry out or specific departments commit to deliver or test out and empower groups to apply , demonstrate vote for innovative funding.

What do we want to achieve?

We will explore how 24 hour thinking can be focused on specific challenges groups want to tackle.

How can you be involved?

If you are researchers/consultants, like in university based innovation labs or bridging foundations, we would like to explore how we could capture together of the impact of 24 hour thinking on a group of staff or citizens.

If you are innovators, like third spaces, exchanges, mobile units or citizen teams, we would like to explore how we could test these out with a group of staff or citizens as part of a “24 hour thinking” session.

If you are organisations in sectors who have used these tools, like in-house & spin off teams, accelerators and support for innovators, we would like to share the learning and organise a joint “24 hour thinking” session with you.

Noel Hatch

Thank you to Jacob B√łtter for photo (top right : wall of sticky notes) published on Flickr under Creative Commons licence, some rights reserved.

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