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Make Your Ideas Heard

Innovators Council – Call for Ideas

There is a new mechanism to make your ideas heard and fast-tracked. The Innovators Council are currently calling for ideas from those closest to the frontline delivery of services. The cabinet office says that those directly involved in public services will often have the clearest view of what needs to change. Reform from the bottom up will ensure the country comes out the recession fairer and stronger than ever. This is not about minor change this is radical innovation, ideas will be fully supported, developed, tested and implemented with relevant experts on hand. You could be a champion of new creative, original services right at the centre of change.

The Tell Us Once pilot proved that small differences can make a big change. The idea was to help people better cope with bereavement. Informing dozens of agencies about a loved ones death is emotionally distressing. and can now be avoided. This illustrates of innovation at its best, creatively improving public services whilst making them more efficient.

If you have an idea please submit via email, post or online at www.publicexperience.com. You can also visit this address to view and comment on other ideas.

-Claire Matthews

* Thank you to theparadigmshifter for photo (man shouting through megaphone) published on Flickr under Creative Commons licence, some rights reservedNoncommercialNo Derivative Works.

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