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Powering Through I.T. Problems

When it comes to IT skills, people are diverse in their abilities and experience. It can become a nightmare to find a course which is suited to our particular knowledge gaps. Many people either puzzle through or ask a colleague for help; but what about when this is not an option? Daunted by the prospect of joining a course, puzzled at types of training and unaware of their own needs many opt to stay stuck.

One to one training helps to dispel these fears by providing a personal, highly specific service. Learning and Development have evolved their own special version of this called IT Power Hours. Power Hours are delivered at the comfort of the customers own desk at their own pace. The innovative manner in which they are delivered saves time, expenses and environmental costs.

When Adam Fox from Learning and Development researched online meeting services he soon realised that they could be perfectly adapted to meet training needs. Using software called Netviewer and the aid of webcams and microphones training can be provided remotely. Users of the software can:
  • Use PowerPoints
  • Remotely view the desktop of the trainee or trainer
  • Provide services to large groups in any location
Learning and Development are looking at developing a range of other programmes via this method thanks to the sucess of I.T. Power hours.

Staff should keep updated through Extramail!

-C Matthews
-With thanks to Adam Fox

* Thank you to mandyxclear for photo (top left): broken P.C. screen) published on Flickr under Creative Commons licence, some rights reservedNoncommercialNo Derivative Works.
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