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We’ve started to use Yammer!

Colleagues from around KCC have started to use Yammer to find out what other people are working on and get involved.

www.yammer.com is a micro-blogging site, a little like Twitter, for internal staff only. When you sign up to use the site, it takes the suffix of your email address (@kent.gov.uk) to add you to the KCC network.

Only people with an @kent.gov.uk email address can then join or see the group.

The site works on the premise of asking one simple question, what are you working on? By answering this question, other people across the organisation can find out what is going on in other areas and whether there is anything they would be interested in or has a cross over with their own work.

Hollie Snelson, Internal Communication Manager, said, “A few people across the authority have started to use Yammer to see if it could be a useful tool. Already it has proved a handy way of getting some informal feedback on projects people are working on. There aren’t that many users yet but as more people sign up it could be a great way of sharing information and knowledge informally.”

To try Yammer for yourself go to www.yammer.com and register using your KCC email address.

-Hollie Snelson, Internal Communication Manager.

Thank you to avlxyz for photo(Screenshot of Yammer) published on Flickr under Creative Commons licence, some rights reservedNoncommercialNo Derivative Works.

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