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The Kent Card Could Help the Environment

Most people in Kent don’t claim for the grants that they are entitled to and The Environment and Waste (E&W) department at Kent County Council have thought of a way to change this. Information about people’s circumstances could be used to better target them with information about grants. The Kent Card could be the tool to do this with, although research is in the early stages.

This is all part of E&Ws aim to reduce fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is when you spend more than 10% of your disposable income on fuel. If this is the case then grants are available to kit out your home to make it more economical. Kent qualifies for hundreds of grants, which E&W aims to make more accessible by working with utility providers to create one offer for Kent residents.

The benefits of this innovation are clear:

• Information is better targeted towards Kent people

• Carbon emissions are reduced through more focused marketing campaigns
• The number and complexity of grants are reduced
• Kent County Council saves money by having more effective and focused campaigns
Do you have any ideas about how the Kent Card could be used?
Are you working on something to do with the Kent Card or smart cards?
What does your department do to help make Kent greener? Please comment below.

For more information on smart cards see our ABOUT article.

-Claire Matthews
-With special thanks to Carolyn McKenzie, Greener Kent Manager for Environment and Waste

(Photo: Fireplace burining logs kindly provided by A-Wix from Flickr under Creative Commons some rights reserved)
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