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3 Click Answers About the Workforce

HR Business Intelligence

3 click answers about Kent County Councils workforce are now provided by Personnel and Development (P&D). Using their Business Intelligence Tool you can get up-to-date statistics in a quick, dynamic, consistent, transportable, easily navigable and very attractive way. Information areas include data on the workforce, benchmarking, sickness, staff flow and miscellaneous.

Inconsistency is a problem when staff write their own reports and presentations using different figures. P&D tried to resolve this by giving out information on CDs. Serious security issues soon became apparent with data not being kept up to date and the CD's not treated with care

The answer to this was the creation of a central website so users could get quick answers, independently, consistently and securely. This comes in two formats: an Excel and a Flash version. The Excel version is portable, simple and can be saved for your own presentations whereas the Flash version is dynamic, animated and more attractive.

Specific data requests can be addressed much more quickly now P&Ds time is freed up. If their tool doesn’t deliver the information you need, your request can be dealt with in as little as ½ hour! (Although the official time is 3 days for urgent and 1 week for standard)

The pilot has been completed and Business Intelligence is being rolled out on a larger scale.
If you:

• Want workforce information
• Need information for surveys
• Deal with Freedom of Information Requests
• Are a Manager who needs statistics to put policy into context

Then please get in contact with Graham Cox for login and access.
Have you used this tool? Please comment below.
What does your department do to manage data?

Please see our other articles on knowledge management.

-Claire Matthews
-With special thanks to Graham Cox, Personnel Information Analyst from P&D

(image: screenshot of the Flash presentation of data on HR Business Intelligence)

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  1. Graham Cox said...

    Thanks Claire for writing this it is appreciated.

    I am the developer of this project, Graham Cox, and I would really like to hear your comments. I'm more than happy to take criticism so don't be shy as that is the only way improvements can be made. On the other hand, compliments are good too.

    If this is of interest and you would like a demo or access then please get in touch.

  2. Yong Lee said...

    Its amazing how many colleagues have no idea how many people work for KCC (full time equivalent, etc.). Further, what a massive difference the numbers working for CFE or Chief Executives.

    Do you?

    Well, all the answers and more are contained in this resource. For me, my interest as an UNITE (KCC's Black & Minority Staff Group) Core Group, I look at these figures annually to help KCC set realistic targets for recruitment and retention to better serve the people of Kent.

    Take a look, it'll amaze you what you didn't know about KCC.

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