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What do you get if you cross Social networking with Training?

What do you get if you cross Social networking with Training?...Ishare.

Ishare is an exciting new training and development website for Kent and Medway Council.

It is the first joint collaboration of its kind between all 14 councils, boroughs and districts across Kent and users will be able to search courses from any of these organisations. Essentially Ishare aims to make the most of opportunities offered though other authorities in order to upskill the public sector workforce in preparation for a challenging future.

The website boasts features inline with the latest trend of social networking. This allows users to create a profile, build up contacts, share career ideas, ask questions and post answers. It is hoped this will promote joined up thinking across Kent and bring some consistency and efficiency in training. The site places the user in control of their training and consequently their career. This empowerment to the individual will heighten self worth, confidence and retention to the organisation.

The creators of Ishare are already thinking about the future with plans to include secondment and mentoring across authorities as well as the ability to share policies and procedures. Ishare is live now so visit www.i-share.org.uk to register.

-C Matthews
-With thanks to Tricia Palmer and Angela Rowe from Medway Council.
What do you get if you cross Social networking with Training?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


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