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Internships to Help During the Recession

Internocracy - Innovation by young people for young people

At Internocracy, we’re working with local authorities to help them to develop high quality internship programmes to route young people onto internship programmes which we ensure are simple to set up and easy to manage.

Internships offer a way to provide real help and experience for young people in a local area, as well as enabling local authorities to have ready access to enthusiastic and skilled young people and a trusted talent pool of potential employees for the future.

In the current employment market, conditions are tough for young people. According to the Guardian earlier in the week up to 40,000 of this year's graduates will still be struggling to find work in six months' time, and the number of new graduates out of work will double compared with last year if unemployment trends follow those of the last recession, careers experts predict. This will cause a spike in unemployment figures this summer as graduating students fight for a job, and could help tip the number of under-25s who are unemployed over the 1 million mark.

Local Authorities, as local employers, can play a key role in addressing this – partly through setting up robust and inclusive internship programmes.

We here at Internocracy recognise that creating an internship programme internally is a time- consuming process, with inherent costs and a requirement to have specialist skills and experience in-house. And in the current financial climate, we understand that organisations need their resources in the right place now more than ever.

For any more information about what Internocracy does or how we work with local government, please get in touch with us at hello[at]internocracy.org. Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/internocracy

- Dominic Potter, Internocracy

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