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Semantic Web

What do we mean?

Web 3 brings together the tools that make technologies work better for the people that use them. Why are we researching this? The more information there is, the harder it is to find in a way that’s meaningful for the issues people need to tackle.

The more the web enables us to work with others, the harder it becomes to capture the knowledge that has been gained from conversations. We need to make the web become smarter and more meaningful for us so we can make the best use of it.We need to exploreweb 3 in our drive to open up our expertise from staff to the public, so they canmake better decisions on areas that affect them.

How are we going to research this?

If we want to create the conditions for people to make the best use of
knowledge online, then we also need to get the most out of innovative technologies to make this possible. We will engage groups who may be working in this area such as Kent Web Managers Group. What are we going to research? Web 3 provides an umbrella for a variety of concepts and relationships, so we will focus on researching semantic APIs which take unstructured information and find relations between these, software agents that search for relevant information thanks to ontologies, ontologies which define the relationships among groups of terms called metadata, microformats which add semantics to existing HTML documents using specific styles, and resource description frameworks a variety of data interchange formats and notations .

What does the analysis show us?

The analysis shows that web 3 can find keywords in your search and also
interpret the context in which you mean them. These technologies can give us a better understanding of what we need, what we know and how we work. For the developers, the technologies that make up web 3, work together both between their “back end” systems and “front end” interfaces. What do we want to achieve? In the areas we will research, we want to enable staff and citizens to use the web in the same way as they think, rather than having to think like a computer.

How can you be involved?

If you are researchers/consultants , we would like to explore how we could capture together how effective these technologies are on managing knowledge on a specific issue. If you are innovators, we would like to explore how we could pilot your tools with a group of staff or citizens on a particular issue or simulate web 3 tools with other online technologies used in KCC. If you are organisations in sectors who have used these tools, we would like to share the learning and explore opportunities for collaboration.

-Noel Hatch

Thank you to dullhunk for photo (top left: Rubik cube decorated with terms associated with the smeantic web) published on Flickr under Creative Commons licence, some rights reserved.

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