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Smart Cards

What do you mean?

Smart cards are plastic cards with an embedded microchip that can be loaded with data, used for telephone calling, cash payments and other applications which can be updated.

Why are we researching this?

We need to stop asking our users for the same information again and again, in different contexts, formats or services. It is the information they provide that is important, not the service that asks for it. We need to join up working w
ith other providers to simplify our interaction with the public and automate routine processes.

How are we going to research this?

We want to link in to our work on identifying how smart cards, biometrics and artificial intelligence can help us better understand how customers use services in real time and manage their relationship with us rather than the other way round . We will engage with groups working in this area in Kent.

What are we going to research?

We will research how smart cards can better connect data and services between different channels. We will explore how they can improve access to and give customers the power to personalise their own services.

What does the analysis show us?

Smart cards can help people in a variety of ways – such as setting their own variables, locking in today’s prices for the future or tracking what they’ve purchased, as well as introducing incentives to influence their behaviours.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to explore opportunities for greater standardisation and savings, building on existing practice in KCC such as the Freedom Pass, Leisure Card, Kent Card, Carers Emergency Card, East Kent PCT National Car
e Records Project, Kent Police, Positive Ticketing & Pfizer’s Loyalty.

How can you be involved?

If you are researchers/consultants, we would like to explore how we could capture together the impact of smart card on a service. If you are innovators developing this, we would like to explore how we could test these out with a group of staff or citizens. If you are organisations in sectors who have used these tools, we would like to share the learning and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Noel Hatch

Thank you to Andres Rueda for photo (top right: pile of credit cards) published on Flickr under Creative Commons licence, some rights reserved.
Thank you to Onio-n for photo (bottom right: computer chip) published on Flickr under Creative Commons licence, some rights reserved.
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